Samples of My Son's Schoolwork

1st Grade Report Card

This is my son's 1st grade report card. This was for the last marking period of the year. He had been placed on Armour at the beginning of this term (Feb '07).

Report Card

2nd Grade Spelling Test 

My son's teacher gave me a copy of the first test (11/7/07) at our parent / teacher conference.  This was when he was in 2nd grade.  She expressed concerns over the stray marks, low grade and lack of penmanship.  This is the spelling test that I had him retake after 7 days on the 1/4 gr Armour (15 mgs)  increase dose. Notice it is neater and he only got 2 wrong. The appropriate upper and lower cases were used as well.  We did not go over these words prior to the retake.

I would advise all parents to check their child for thyroid problems before putting them on ADD / ADHD medication.  There is always an underlying cause and it is not a deficiency in drugs.

Spelling Test