Salt Loading / Adrenal Support Protocol

Perform the salt loading protocol when you are experiencing issues with iodine supplementation.

1/2 tsp celtic (or other unrefined) salt in 1/2 cup of warm water

Follow the above with a glass of 12 oz filtered water.

** Repeat every 30-45 minutes as needed until urination begins.  

Why does this help?

Salt - containing chloride - binds to the bromide in the blood stream and carries it out through the kidneys.

Adrenal Support  (heart palps, racing pulse)

You may experience times when you feel jittery when taking iodine.  Some have also described a "vibrating" sensation.  Others have reported heart palpitations or even increased pulse rates.  This is more than likely adrenal related. (Note:  If these continue seek the advice of your healthcare practitioner)  Performing the following supplementation can help with these symptoms.

2,000 mgs Vitamin C
200 - 400 mgs Magnesium
1/2 tsp Celtic Salt

Ongoing support:

Biotics Research Cytozyme AD
Vitamin C
Celtic Salt
Metagenics Adreset
Metagenics Serenegan

Liver / Kidney Overload
Metagenics Ultra Clear Plus pH (liver & kidney)
Metagenics Renegan (kidney)
Milk Thistle (liver)
Coffee Enemas (Liver)