Frequently Asked Iodine Questions

Over and over the same questions are asked of me on the iodine group as well as through e-mails I receive privately.  This page will hopefully address most of the commonly asked questions about iodine usage and testing.

What forms of iodine are there?

Lugol's Formula:  Liquide in form and contains both Iodine and Potassium Iodide.  It comes in several strengths.  The traditional strenght is 5% solution which is 6.25 mgs / drop.

Iodoral Tablets:  This is a tablet form of Lugol's formula.  It was formulated by Dr. Abraham of Optimox and has a silica coating that helps to prevent stomach irritation that some experience with liquid Lugol's.  The silica coating also allows it to be delivered lower in the gut to allow for better absorption rates.

Magnascent Iodine



Detoxified Iodine

Where can I get my iodine levels tested?

What iodine tests do I need?

What do my test results mean?


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