Hypothyroidism in Children

Research recognizes two forms of hypothyroidism in children.  

Congenital - those diagnosed with a condition at birth.
Aquired Hypothyroidism - those diagnosed in early childhood or puberty.

Tired                                       Cold
Intolerant to Change                 Slow Growth
Dry Skin                                  Cold Extremities
Low Basal Temps                     Low Day Time temps (below 98.6 F)
Constipation                             ADD / ADHD
Slow Reflexes (ankle / knee)      Dark Circles Under Eyes
Puffy / Moon Face                    Lifeless Hair
Brittle Finger Nails                    Thin Hair

Labs to run on children:

TSH                        Iron / Ferritin
Free T3                   B12
Free T4
Tg Ab

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