Bromides are a common endocrine disruptor. It is found in commercial bread products and some flours as potassium bromate. In the 1960's it replaced postassium iodate as a dough conditioner. I personally wrote one of the major bread producers and was told that it was replaced because it worked better. There seems to be no documented historical information regarding this change however.

Because bromide is also a halide it competes for the same receptors that are used in the thyroid gland (among other places) to capture iodine. This will inhibit thyroid hormone production resulting in a low thyroid state.  Unfortunately it appears that the only method for removal of this halide from these receptors is in supplying iodine in forms such as Lugol's liquid or Iodoral.  Iodine must be supplmented in dosages greater than the normal recommended dosages (15mcg).  Many on my Iodine group need to supplment with dosages of 50 mgs or higher to obtain possitive results.

Where can I find bromide?

1. Methyl Bromide- a pesticide used mainly on strawberries, found predominanty in the Californa areas..

2. Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO)- added to citrus drinks to help *suspend* the flavoring in the liquid. It is what gives the liquid that murky color. Also found in some asthma inhalers and prescription drugs. As well as fabrics, mattresses, carpeting as a fire retardant.

3.Potassium Bromate- dough conditioner found in commercial bakery products and some flours.

The European Union has banned the use of some PBDE (Polybrominated diphenyl ethers) compounds. It is hoped that the United States will follow but it is not in the "works" at this point.

Breast Cancer Choices offers further detailed information on the issues with
bromide - Bromide Dominance Theory

Monday, July 21, 1930 - Bromide Intoxication

Mountain Dew - The toxic soda

Mountain Dew has to be the most health destructive drink on the market.  To find out more about this soda and why it is so toxic click here.

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